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2011-03-09 17:00:07 by Urbanus


I don't know why it took me so long to change this but my reverb nation account has been dead for years. I have always freely offered my music  for download under the Creative Commons but if you feel so compelled to throw me a dollar or two, PM me and I will hit you up with my paypal information. Thanks and have a great day :)




Hey guys! Just wanted to let you guys know that I have a Reverb Nation profile where you can buy a few of my country singles. Here's the link: x/artist_1342740


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2014-04-07 09:38:36

Hey Urbanus, I´d really like to share some coins for your album, is there a way to pay you via paypal?

Urbanus responds:



2014-06-17 10:05:19

I might just have to buy a couple of your songs, since you actually helped inspire me a little to do music myself. Kinda wondering what you're actually up to nowadays, it would be nice if you could upload some new stuff, I've deeply missed it. It seems like you've just been lurking around these days, stood in the shadows at the back of the bar so to speak.

Peace out man.

Urbanus responds:

Hey there! It's totally true, I'm mostly a lurker here on Newgrounds these days. I maintain a profile here to field usage requests for my music. I still play but in the last 3 years I've been working on becoming a professional photographer. It keeps me VERY busy!!! Who knows though? I might get around to recording something again. Also, I need to amend that Reverb Nation post. My account there hasn't been active for years so I have no idea what kind of cash is lying around. Hope all is well!